Ready to Wear

Looking for quick delivery?  Ready to Wear styles ship within a week.
Dornink sources a variety of styles from various manufactures.  New styles are developed each season and will showcase the latest trends in current fashion.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask.  Let us pull a custom selection of dresses just for your group.
Ready-to-Wear  Dresses are sold  AS IS .  As these styles come from a variety of different manufacturers, size and length will vary.  Ready to Wear styles are typically non-stretch and run true to the measurements listed.  Styles usually ship within the week. All styles subject to availability and quantity can change daily. Dornink is happy to offer alterations on your Ready to Wear. Click here for pricing on common alterations.  Pricing based on orders of 6 or more pieces.  Prices may increase if ordering less than 6. 
Ready to Wear dresses and suits are not produced by Dornink. We have no control over the size, color and availability of these garments. Availability of styles and sizes can change daily so move quickly once you have decided on a style.  Dornink is happy to offer alterations on Ready to Wear. Please contact Dornink for specific alterations and pricing.
We understand that many schools like to fit dresses before ordering for their entire choir. We are happy order up to 3 sizes of ONE style to help with fitting for your choir.   Please place your bulk order as quickly as possible once you have fit your students, however Dornink cannot guarantee that all sizes will still be available.   In the event that your style is no longer available or you change your mind, the sample pieces can be returned for a refund.   Shipping costs are non-refundable.
Samples ordered are the cost of the dress plus $15 for shipping.  All samples ordered must be paid by credit card.  Once samples are returned, your card will be refunded, minus shipping.